Pet system BROKEN

So I’ve been hunting Pets for some while now, because it is the only thing left to do for me as I’m playing high-end.
This is what I got so far:

Old pets:

  • 3x Storm
  • 3x Cerberus
  • 1x Sera
  • 1x Shibe
  • 1x Tink
  • 1x Lilith (eternal)
  • 1x Spike
  • 1x Bane
  • 1x Jester
  • 1x Merlin’s Imp
  • 0x Stich
  • 0x Rage
  • 0x Genesis
  • 0x Fauna
  • 0x Simba
  • 0x Scout


  • 2x Aether
  • 2x Void
  • 2x Heaven
  • 2x Hell
  • 1x Flame
  • 1x Prism
  • 1x Rain
  • 0x Leaf
  • 0x Sand
  • 0x Icicle
  • 0x Spark

So let me just ask:

Who had the glorious idea to introduce NINE(!!) pets with the same set skill?!? :rage:

That is just plain stupid, and REALLY frustrating. If I see another Slime pet with Elements I’m gonna throw up :tired_face:
One cannot find the useful sets anymore because of that.


  • Why do I keep finding the same stupid pet twice/thrice?! 3x Storm/Cerberus, 2x Aether/Void/Heaven/Hell: THANK YOU. There are 10/27 pets of which I have none!!
  • What’s wrong with the eternal drop rate? I’m running wild with Eternalized (5) and 1012% Luck, going to Eternal Maps with Item Rarity activated for the Enslaver Feat, and I only got 1/25 pets to be eternal. Luckily it’s a useful one, I think I would’ve stopped playing if it had been a stupid Elements Slime.



I like to know this too :smile:

about the same pet just bad luck like me I have 4 shide in a row lol

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Ikr. I still don’t get why? As cool as slimes are, I hate finding them because I almost never find a good build to use them. When I want other pets, well let’s just say RNG give me bad luck
Recently though I got a great Terrashaper pet which is similar to the one I envisioned for that aftermath build meteor god a year ago. I also got many other cool let’s to add and even my old pets are useful for a few good builds. It’s kinds funny that I’m getting g the let’s I always wanted this year and the eternal trophy that I wanted last year to this year. If only I get them last year lmao.

I think a better idea would be to boost the chances legend pets drop. Maybe by an extra 1% or 2.i mean there’s so many slime pets so it’s kind of an idea to slightly boost enslaver spawnings or pet drop chances. I mean it probably already was added but I doubt it. Slime pets are supposedly a tad bit rarer yet I keep getting more legend pet slimes. I might as well make a build out of them.

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Can’t stand it either, man. 3 eternal pets and all slimes.

I also don’t get why legends pets are so rare. I get they should be uncommom, bit were still at the mercy of RNG for affixes. I have a good 15 legendary pets and all of their affixes blow.

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And here I am, can’t even find one of those Legend pets :joy:

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This made me laugh. On point! Why the same Set affix.

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The problem is that there are not enough elemental sets yet. The pet skills will probably change when we get another Shock, and Fire elemental set.


Keep going, Monster Spawn floor 2 with tons of luck^^ (even better with Item Rarity)

Well that would be nice! :slight_smile:

I got 7x Elements, that is 4x more than the next Set Affix :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I totally second that! I’m selling Nadroji and Ragnarok Items already and still no real useful pets so far, and I got 25 of those little animals…

Also, the Slime Skill is pretty useless. I mean 10%ED and some 100 Resistance make virtually no difference at all at higher floors.

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