Hello good morning … I would like to know how I get a legendary pet?


kill 200 enslavers see codex feats for details


I just saw it … thank you very much


welcome enjoy the game


On your way to kill 200 enslavers (150 if you have ascension perk called accomplished), enslavers spawn near shrines, shrine pools or near the end of a map where cartographers are and usually at upper right or left of a map.

If you want to quickly raise the numbers killed, you can spam the map to find the enslavers (even more effective with 5 mins monster boost as you could get 20 pets in 5 mins if you can) and see how many you get in a certain amount of minutes per day or hours even if you find it fun.

I found 40 enslavers in 2 days without boost from just floor climbing and occasional farming for some time . Fast farm builds ftw and fast in general.


I was seeing that on map 197 always appears or almost … I have killed it 5 times in about 10 min … clocking and looking at the map