Phalanx talent give +% chance to block?


Sorry if there is a topic about that but i couldnt find it. After some testing i found that warrior talent (head) Phalanx gives not only +% to cast shield wall on block but it increases your block chance by the same % for example:

You have 30% block in stats. Now you change your head talent to lvl 20 phalanx (50% chance to cas shieldwall) and you now have 45% block chance in stats. Had 12.4% chance to block, with lvl 20 phalanx i have 18.6% chance to block.

Is this intended and if so where i can find info that it works that way?

I can also get screens with items and stats if needed.

I seeā€¦ Thanks for your detailed bug report! Noted :slight_smile: