Photo editing

Guys , if you upload pics with collage , what photo editor are you using here?



Photoshop Lol

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actually there’s no photoshop on phone :smile: but there are lots nice photo editors apps outhere like photoshop that can be installed on phones (prolly on playstore)


You were saying?

But I’m don’t think they’ll be as good. But I’ll just have to try.

Mobile has a bright future though which is nice. Tablet editing photoshop or phones. Mini pcs. As long as the hardware for it gets better and the software also gets better.

I hope mobile gaming gets a better future than terrible shovelware.

Dungeon Quest is one of the best examples to start off and other such games.

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My mistake, it’s present since it’s good for tablets :smile: Yeah you should try it sometime! it’s good but I never did it once on tabs and phones. I’ve always been on my PC. [quote=“CuzegSpiked, post:7, topic:14941”]
hardware for it gets better and the software also gets better.
[/quote] The rules of Technological evolution thus make a strong argument for accelerating evolution. This rebirth of the software industry is being driven primarily because of new hardware that’s selling like hotcakes to the masses. Although it’s easy to get excited about all the shiny new smartphone and tablet hardware, it’s important to remember that hardware is only as good as the software it runs. I could own the most amazing and elegant piece of hardware, but if it runs poor software, it’s no better than a paperweight. Apps are all the rage these days and software engineering is one of the hottest jobs all over the world.

I see.

Picsart :expressionless:

True that.