Physical set?

is there any build that relate to physical set?. if there is one or many, what build is that?


anything eater, maybe have some explosive for mob control, something like that. u have build like that?

if can do both, well its nice. :smiley:

sorry not using explosive affix mate

then wat set is perfect for physical set then. if u have photos can u share, is it good for PVE or PVP??

im not even sure what is physical set was all my build was been posted at forum

coz all players just rely on magic and process. and I’m here relying to CRIT AND CRIT DMG

physical = warrior
wizard = magic
use warrior then :sunglasses:

Physical damage= WD.
Magic Damage= ED .

Well it’s not necessarily true but that’s what I used to imagine. Elemental damage being magical and the weapon that casts it being physical but ED% is so necessary on any build style (unless PvP but you then use 1040 ED+).

so u mean that rouge is in between PHYSICAL & MAGIC, both can work together. tnx for the tip bros


Yeah that sounds about right.

Each class in a nutshell

Warrior: Mostly Physical weapons in general (although torrent is an exception). Sprint is a elemental magic offhand as well as taunt, fear and Shieldwall.

Wizard: Mostly magical weapons in general Orb , twisters , summons , teleport, meteor , etc.

Rogue: A mix between magic and physical in general. The coat weapon, stealth, mirror images are magical . Guidedshot is physical but nature guided so it’s kind of like there’s magic in the arrow . Chakram is physical . Flintlock is mainly physical bullets and scattershots.
Vault and smokebomb is caused physically by the bomb but also magically.

Magic is elements and technically all weapons use magic (mana and certain elements) but it’s about the visuals that make me think of this comparison and all weapons are physical in order to cast the skills you want using the mana or other resource system.

Mythic skills are all magical in terms of visuals too

yeah, wish there is a 4th character. LOL​:grin::grin:

any hints when the next update @CuzegSpiked or fixing the stats bug

I have no idea but I wish I did lol.

haha, if that would happen what character would u imagine? :grin::grin::grin::grin:

a Beast type

wat, lol​:joy::joy: