Pics of affix tables

I’m fond of quick reference tables, and since I’m on mobile they’re very handy as pictures. So I’ve copied the contents of the affixes tab on the wiki, and formatted them for easy reference. I take no credit for gathering the info, just wanted to share the pics in case anyone else might want them. :wink:


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Some are not updated. I got a bow with 42 attack speed crystal affix

Right… for which the crystal affix table lists attack speed max to be 50…

Very Thanks to this -PLAYERS

thanks very useful when i travel

i dont get this
this is all in codex ?

The descriptions are, max values aren’t. Restrictions and possible outcomes aren’t. It’s all transcribed from the wiki as I mentioned. Personally I find it easier to plan what I would like on an item, and how to go about finding/crafting with this info. Then you’re not back and forth scrolling through many many pages in the codex for the info :wink: . Having the info in image files I don’t require an Internet connection for is nice also.

oh i get it sorry if i offended u in some way

Nope :slight_smile: