Pistol buuld

Anyone knows how to make a good pistol build?

:sunglasses: you dont experiment just burn crystals
if you are building pistols it needs weaken always in the build for better damage and fast clearing. All pve build post here is good for pistols just change its weapon to Pistols :heart_eyes:

just change the weapon to pistols and change the 30% CB to Weaken 90% this build is “Gunner Frozen CrossFire Build” :heart_eyes:

Bow change --> Pistols and insert Weaken 90%

you can also change the LUCK in the armor and insert another 90% WEAKEN

Rate paps hehehehehe

nice build :heart_eyes:
remove +5000 ice damage and change it to +2 multi attack

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Poison is also great if that’s your option but Frozen is much more powerful, granted you need the enemy to die first before explosions happen and enough DMG.

Crushing flames is another option with fire or shock but all options up to you. I really like poison if it comes to farming in solo or want the main to do most of the work. Frozen +Plagued is even cooler. Shock is always good as hirling debuffer.

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Oh good you added multi attack and Extra attack. That’s always great. If you could add another 2+ Multi Attack and see if it’s worth it, do try. I think it’s definitely worth it.

Im using it as a hireling. And shes doing the work most of the time. Btw idk how to use shock elemeny. Like wat set affix shud i mix it with. And im rly interested in making shock build. Hihi

Btw i removed the 5000ice dmg in my weapon and changed it into 2multi attck

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