Plague affix is very much OP

Got a wiz and I was amazed that i am seeing a white 9b damage not purple. Using a farming set. You just need to poison enemies before dealing with the boss. Very good in fast runs. Currently im at 850 floor and still very much effective.


Might share the build? Pls

me at 1042 floor this is actually a new build.

You just need to poison enemies as much as possible while finding the cartographer.


Then crushing flames must be broken from ur perspective :>


Crushing Flames, Frozen, Plagued, Ascendant + Arcane, are the top when it comes to doing lots of damage at higher floors. there are a lot of builds out there climbing up the Floors in DQ, and every one has a favorite Element or Element combo they like to use. I haven’t crafted any builds with Frozen yet, and I am still thinking of a way to use Shock Element.

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Thank you