Plagued set

Guys, im wondering if it’s possible to get plagued set affix for head gears? in the codex, only the, tome. amulet, wand and ring has plagued set affix. I already heard that i can use an amethyst on the head gear and get the plagued set affix but i just want to make sure. \

Thank you

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You can refer to this post for questions like this: Crystal Crafting Restrictions

For Plagued, it’s not in the “Cannot be obtained via Amethyst” list, so you can get it. Also, sets aren’t restricted to certain slots so whether it’s on your head doesn’t matter!

Yes, you can get that. It’s just a matter of luck & time coz of many set choices available.

ah, okay i see! i just wanted to make sure, i don’t want to lose any amethyst for nothing haha.

Thank you guys!