…dot damage for each enemy poisoned.

Does Plagued apply to any damage used with poison element or only elemental crit / blight?

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All enemies debuffed by poison

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the Poison DoT on enemy before Toxic or Blight.

enemy poisoned by 1000 damage hit.
Poison DoT is 100 a second for 8 seconds.
10 enemies Poisoned with Plagued is +125% x 10 = +1250% +1 = x13.5.
100 x 13.5 is 10 enemies taking 1350 Poison DoT a second for 8 seconds each.
if all are really close to together and all get Toxic and are affected by each Toxic, 54k Toxic DoT a second for 5 seconds.
with one Blight +100% Toxic would be 108k Toxic DoT a second for 5 seconds in above scenario.

this is average damage that doesn’t take into consideration the up to +/- 25% random damage range.

as you can see, Blight and Plagued can make Poison DoT crazy powerful…


That’s the answer I was hoping for. Thank you!

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That’s why I so like plagued and pack size :smiley: