Plan to revamp Aphrodite

Hi guys,

Ive some resources to craft maybe some part of item. actually those resources is for another build that not done yet. but since Aphrodite it self still not complete so i just wanna ask your honest opinion on what do think Aphrodite leak and weak at. because i my self dont want wasting too much crystal on 1 build like i did to fortune briger lol. any suggestions will be much help.

Thanks in advance.

Maybe consider using nadroji crwn for blnd immune for it so when ur AI is fightng dagger types it can still cast its stealth when blinkstrike landed, its a good chnce to turn the fight before ur sanctuary even pops. Since ur using eternal cap It might be worth to try.

And one more thing, since u looks like a vial lover maybe try changing the dagger and use ragnarok dagger instead to avail the defiant set since it stll gives 100% wd. :slight_smile:

that is actually what base MH and Cap that i want to use lol.

Wow. we got the same taste in builds. Hahaha. Though i prefer using bloodmagic set. your using energy. Not bad also. :slight_smile:

not really same taste. ive been planing using ragnarok dagger since 1.8 lol. only the other format is different. amd i am blood magic hater since 1.9 beta. lol.

im energy hater -.- i prefer blood to coz it rides with glasscanon. Haha

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Aprhodite = sad, no love for her power up. lol

Of course not, you’ve been ending my streaks all night. :confused:


she not tanky and easy to kill. wait for the timing.

Here’s what she does for me, I hit her first, exactly as I hit her, she Stealths+Sanctuary then Blink+Hit me, then before Stealth ends I already died. Lol. No clue why your bleed is too fast to proc, my sanctuary barely lasted a second.


what do u mean bleed too fast proc.?

When u hit me, the Bleed Damage applies very fast, killing me faster than my Bleed Damage on you. Kinda hard to explain through words, basically, even if I hit you 1 second faster than you hit me, your Bleed Damages applies first, before mine does, so I die 1 second faster, and then you win. I hope I got the explanation right.


i think it because of Vial. lol
Vial = Coat 100% crit and element crit
Weapon Base element Fire
Affix Blistering
When coat. and element crit happen. blistering cause bleed too. so basicly at first blinkstrike, in 1 sec. she deal 3 different damage.
2.Fire DoT
3.Bleed DoT.

So much love for vial lol.

@saintwave and maybe as soon u shot. she using stealth so basicly she just shut all kind of dot, lol.

I think so too, that’s why I can’t beat her, she casts stealth exactly as I hit her. :confused:


if that the case. i think in next build update. i will not use sentuary.