Play with hireling or without?

I just hit floor 500 and finished two ascensions on a warrior and wizard before I realized that using a hireling was actually slowing down my progress :frowning: It took some digging through the forums to understand that exp/luck/whatever gain is averaged between both characters.

But there is a bonus to item drops from playing with a hireling, right? So please correct me if I’m wrong here:

  • When trying to ascend, is it better to play alone in order to gain maximum exp?
  • When farming for items, crystals and stones, is it then better to use a strong hireling and wear as many item/luck/gold affixes as possible (like a fortune bringer, let’s say, playing with a poison wizard)?
  • And one question: If you do play with one character equipped for farming and one equipped for killing, does it matter which one is the hireling and which one is the main? Should I manually control the “fortune bringer” in this case for simplicity’s sake?

Thanks in advance for any clarifications!

When leveling, you should use one character with EXP Gain increases.
When farming, always use two characters. You will get +100% Item Drop. And you should use your farming character as your main; farming affixes such as Nadroji, etc. only function on your main.

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Clear and concise answers, thanks so much! Your tips/tricks mega-thread has also been very helpful. Cheers, @Skaul.

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-ascend its good to have a hireling and use some exp affix to climb up at level 50 and use your main item for do it and remove your hireling for faster exp
-farming “Yes” :smiley:
-one question it is better to use the fortune bringer and the hireling will kill them

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