Playing DQ on PC? Need Advice

Hi everyone!
I would like to ask you guys if its possible to play dungeon quest on pc without emulator?if possible, How?
And if not what emulator do you use? Or do you just play on your mobile phone? Please help me because my mobile phone keep overheating due to long time playing. Thanks.

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windows use LDPlayer should work perfectly.

@Hazard1230 Welcome to DQ Forums!

have you tried going to options and changing some of the buttons? I use Low FX, Shadows Disabled, Only Crit Numbers. changing some of the Settings might put a lower strain on your device.

don’t forget to take a break every few hours (I know, I play like crazy sometimes myself and don’t pay attention to the time…) so you and your device can ‘cool down’.

anyone else with advice for playing DQ on PC? I’m a device playing guy, so I don’t have an answer for that.