Playing DQ with a Controller - Problem

I just installed Andy Emulator to play DQ on my PC because the farming on my mobile phone gives me a headache :smiley: I want to play this Game with my Xbox 360 Controller. I already connected the Controller to my PC and i am also able to move the cursor in Andy with it. My Problem is that DQ doesnt seem to connect with the Controller. Do i have to install some kind of extra Application to make DQ connect to my Controller?

MfG Voso

My experience with it (although I didn’t like it) is that I had to install another software to make the controller (generic usb) compatible with the emulator.

Try searching on google for “using xbox controller (or generic controller) with (name of the emulator)”.
You will probably find some kind of tutorial.

It says that you just have to connect the controller with the PC. Andy works fine with the controller , i can navigate with it through the play store etc. but it stops working as soon as I start DQ.


I’m experiencing the exact same problem.


  • xbox 360 controller (connected with wire)
  • Andyroid (lastest version)
  • Emulated android 5.01 (lolipop)
  • Dungeon Quest (well yes the game :d)
  • Rooted and unrooted emulators (both the same issue)

So when plugging in the xbox controller (either before or after ANDY startup), the controller will display a circular indicator on screen. This is moveable with any joystick and reacts to button presses. (So ANDY is cleary picking up the controller).
When I start up DUNGEON QUEST, the indicator dissapears (as I assume is meant to be) how ever none of the button presses get picked up by the game. The remote is dead to it.
Now i tested other games, i.e. Traffic Racer, where the indicator also dissapears (i assume to tidy up the screen), however here the controls work perfectly.

Any clue on this matter?
Whether it might be the android version (lolipop), or maybe just the XBOX 360 controller doesnt work on Dungeon Quest?
I did quite alot of google’ing but didnt find a single clue :confused:

Thanks in advance!

We have never tested any PC emulators with Dungeon Quest.

My best guess based off of the information you have given is that Andy seems to be emulating an android touch overlay. When DQ recognizes a controller it will display the controller HUD automatically, perhaps this emulator is just emulating the wrong input. You could try to go to settings, options, controls, and turn the Controller HUD to “Controller HUD: ON”

That may help, but it should be capturing the “A” and “B” button actions even without this option on.

Thank you for the reply, tdaniel.

First off all, neither the A nor B button get captured inside the game (i.e. at the title screen, when “controller HUD” option is ON, it displays the A but doesnt respond to the controller). The controller HUD only appears when the option "controller HUD: " is set to ON (menu -> controls tab -> controller HUD). If this option is set to AUTO, the controls to appears on screen.
This leads me to believe the game doesnt actually picks up on the controllers presence (atleast in ANDY’s invorment).
I don’t have any other controllers (like the MOGA) to test it out with, so I only can state this behavior for the xbox 360 wired controller.

Now, if setting the "controller HUD: " option to ON, well yes the controls appear but still not a single input gets a respons on screen.

I guess this bug could be related to so many thing :confused: as you pointed out, tdaniel, it might be the emulator processing it oddly.
If any fix, or workaround or even another emulator suggestion comes to mind; it be very happy :smiley:
Guess i’ll stick to my phone in the meantime. If i find a fix myself i’ll make sure to post it.

/* EDIT */
I’m currently looking into an app called “Tincore keymapper”, as for now i have no wired internet connection to test it out with (required to make ANDYROID connect to the internet). So i’ll post any progress later on.

Tincore doesn’t appear to work on andy emulator so that appears to be a waste of time :confused:
I’m now looking for an other way to keymap the buttons.