Please consider my suggestion

As we all know not all legend and eternal is usefull more of them goes to “sell” and making this kind of system may help us :smiley: coz clicking 1 by 1 and selling it takes too much time :frowning:
Sell al mark or convert all mark

And put some hold button on stat adding

Sorry for the edited picture im not that good at it i just tried,
Thats all thankyou.

I say get rid of that sort button it ruins my life!

I still want the lock item

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Same here. I want the lock all feature but without showing the lock icon. Also the unlock all might be useful to sell mass bunches of legends for gold. It used to be like that back in the old days so it would be cool if it could somehow be added again.

Also with the sort button, I have this corruption glitch on my account where if I press sort too many times, my hirling inventory gets replaced by my main warrior or any other main. I have no way of fixing it except not touching sort button . Recently this glitch is monthly instead of daily for me because of the huge FPS improvements that my s6 has instead of the old s3 mini. I think it’s a lag based corruption glitch or something to do with uploads and downloads. I thought it would be gone by now though. I had this glitch for about a year now. I don’t want to delete my account because of all the hard work I’ve done investing into it to resolve the issue. I’m glad that restore purchases is a thing though. I’m glad there’s an option to press confirm sort or not.

just dont spam the buttons it will cause a glitch like what happen to my purchase it and other stuff at game they are like super sensetive tho 1 press at a time


Equipping and unequipping an item will lock it as well as all legends and any item you have edited in any way are locked automatically there just isn’t a lock indicator anymore :slight_smile:

I put confirm sort on and then never pressed the buttons again. Sell all and identify all is fine though because of the confirmation. Thanks anyways.

I mean once you unlock the item you can now sell those with other item and it will also affect the sell all

enjoy the game mate :smile:

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I always will! Thanks though. I wouldn’t be playing otherwise. I’m used to not touching sort often :smile: . Also I spend more time on PvP. So worth the many many eternal chests and legend chests. Makes farming 100% times easier . At least the legends but crystals I can get easily anyways.

I spam right through all are you sure buttons lol its just automatic. Delete are you sure yea. Its just one action to me now so if I’m not sure I was already screwes when I hit the button in the first place. " sort " are your sure " plz no! " to late :\ reorganize here we go!