Please enlighten me

Ignore resist or weaken?

With weaken you deal way more damage but to take full advantage of it you need 2-3 affixes while ignore resist does no bonus damage it takes less slots

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Is 120% weaken good enough?

Yeah That means you are always doing extra damage

There are few guides that explain how weaken effective and ignore resist work

Ignore resist = 100% weaken but it doesn’t allow additionnal weaken

@DuDono 100% weaken is not the same as Ignore resist For example if an enemy has 75% damage reduction to fire and you hit it with weapon that deals 100 damage with 0 weaken/ignore resist you will deal 25 damage with ignore resist you will deal 100 with 100% weaken you will deal 125 damage

Thanks so much for the detailed explanation. One more thing, is the increase damage in poison cloud by BLIGHT additive or multiplicative? I mean poison cloud has 400% poison dot damage. Having 1 blight, does it become 500% or 800%? TIA

I am not sure but I remember seeing a post explaining that

I think they said 125 damage if you have weaken + effective

100 for actual damage + 25% for effective =125

Yes. Though one crystal affix slot is also a way to achieve it, 90% weaken. However if you were to use that crystal affix for something else, then Ignore resist is a valid option too.