Please enlighten my build with your prowess

Good morning/evening fellow DQers. :pig:

As the title says, could everyone (especially the Pros) enlighten me with some of your ideas/suggestions for my build to climb and farm floors 500+ at M3?

I’ve played Dungeon Quest some years ago but only for a brief moment, back when Samsung Galaxy Y was fairly new and DQ was young (don’t remember what year that was :smile:) . I just recently got back to playing, maybe a week or two (or three? :thinking:), and I was shocked of how much this game evolved. DQ definitley cured my Diablo 2/Dungeon Crawler/Loot grinding RPG itch. :heart_eyes:

Going back to the topic, here’s my current farming build pushing M3 at floors 250+. :persevere::sweat_smile:

I’ve been meticulously studying the guides here in the forums and it was a blast learning. But still I am very curious of what you Pros and Veterans might know and suggest as my build still struggles fighting with Legend and Mythic bosses (and also those epic worms :sob:).

Any information will be greatly appreciated, thanks in advance.

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If you have an elixer you should change the amulet for an Elsa’s rage(rogue), it gives you frozen, elem crit dmg, and elem crit chance. Although the crit chance wont apply to you as much, you can remove all procs and the elem crit chance from the amulet.

Diamonds to max legend affoxes as best as possible

You should get casslastrophy(wizard) for you MH, remove the WD affixes from there, you wont need them
remove CD and luck from you OH and add WD+5000 and WD+100%. Move the removed affixes onto the new MH.

Sprint will be your new main attack. With +2AoE range and taunt, everything will be frozen, and everything will explode.

Otherwise, for an early build this is pretty good :blush:

PS calcite everything to ice :joy: and respec level stats to power instead of HP, also respec heroic points into sprint, dexterity and fortune. If you need more survivability, try for a crystal block on the horn. +hp/mp on hit from the pet wont help.

Actually, since youll only need frozen and elem crit damage on the amulet, you could add sanctuary too. It would be more expensive but it would help quite a lot

Wait wait wait. Re-make that helmet. Dont use hp on hit, and dont use harmony. Keep the pickup radius and fortune, add a weaken affix. Crystal if you can but epic will do.


Wow thanks for the infos TeaCup. Sadly I have yet to loot/farm and convert for an elixer :disappointed_relieved:, which is why I had just crafted my MH earlier today. I regrettably made a mistake of salvaging a Master :tired_face:, a lesson learned.

I just looked at the LegendEx and saw Elsa’s rage and Casslastrophy, and dude I am liking your suggestion of making OH Sprint as my primary attack and everything’s frozen (run and gun style :sunglasses:) So Ima prepare crystals for it. Just a question tho, how would I deal with enemies, specially bosses, who’re immune to freeze? Also, what affixes should my pet have if I removed hp and mp on hit?

Thanks for suggesting and appreciating my build dude, I really want to push to the highest floors possible and I know I could only do that with the help from fellow DQers. :grinning:

Lol about those Diamonds, I have to admit, I am being lazy at maxing my affixes. :rofl: Also still waiting for that elusive crystal block and weaken for the horn and helmet. :clock330: . The grind is real. :no_mouth:

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For the pet you could just get some extra luck & gold find :slight_smile:

and see the best part about ice and frozen set is enemies litterally explode for 125% of the final damage delt to them, so if you taunt them all together and kill one, they chain reaction each other for huge damage, thats why i sugested all the legend frostbiting and ice damage affixes so that 125% is increased by your 100% ice damage and again by the 300% frostbiting for a total of 750% of the final damage delt… when that chain reacts, can you guess what happens to that boss whos ‘immune’ to ice damage? :joy: (Also weaken reduces the effectivness of their immunities)

Also changing your head talent to provocation might help with gathering enemies together


Stat points into power. It’s a no brainer

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at the higher floors, Dauntless Mythic becomes less effective since monsters can do so much more damage. and the +5k Ice Dmg, change that to one of the extra Frostbiting. if you want to keep Harmony, get rid of all your HP on Hit, total HP, and HP Regen. Glasscannon basically makes all of these useless. you will get enough healing with Harmony from any MP on Hit and MP Regen. which is why 60% Dodge and 45% Block is so important. I just recently added 100% Glasscannon for 1 HP, and even though I still feel nervous, I am doing ok. if you go that far, then you don’t need Harmony anymore, no HP to heal. @TeaCup covered all my other good ideas.
just remember, you don’t need a farm build for floors higher than 1,000. for Crystals and Myth Stones, farming floor 500-510 is the max, any floors over that is just for getting items with floor requirements or climbing to higher floors. if you are working on getting your Perks, experience from monsters maxes out at floor 100, so going to higher floors just means it takes longer to get experience since monsters HP keeps going up.


I am so grateful to you guys for giving me my much needed input, I am finally getting more grasp of the mechanics and gear combinations to help me advance up the higher floors. I didn’t have much time to play the past few days but after a few tweaks, as you guys said I should do, I am now at floor 409 M3 blasting through pack maps, legend and mythic bosses with ease; although worms are still a pain lol.

Update on the gears above:
Horn - replaced 15% block to 45% block
Helm - replaced 30% weaken to 90% weaken
Sword - replaced weaken to 40% item drop mythstone
Ring - replaced weaken to 10% crushing blow
Amulet - replaced nadroji affix to vampiric touch
Changed all gear elements to fire temporarily to suit vampiric touch bleed dmg while waiting to get frozen affix.

I am now planning to incorporate sir @TeaCup ‘s suggestion of a frozen build to a climbing gear instead with this farming gear as I just got a pet Sera. Im thingking of utilizing frozen with anarchist + ascendant + plagued. Currently farming crystals for this.

@dickwad , lol I reset my stats dude. Now full power. Thanks btw.

@Golem , thanks for the tips dude, really cleared my confusion on getting resource affixes. I really thought it was helpful having high hp leech. I learned now that i was wasting affix slots lol. I think Im gonna go for that 100% glasscannon when I get epiphany set so I could increase block and dodge caps.

I now need some clarifications guys in regards with my farming build.

  1. Should I change MH mythology legend affix to something else? If so, what affix might it be? Elemental Crit Damage perhaps?

  2. Could I get Crushing Flames from amethyst? If yes, could I get it even without jaspering the warrior gear into wizard?

I still don’t have an elixir, that is why I am trying and finding out if I could get a Nadroji Crystal to either have a Crushing Flames or a Frozen affix instead.

Again, thank you everyone.

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Congratulations :slight_smile:Glad we have helped

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Consider a permafrost hat with bonus with harmony. Consider a druidic amulet with bonus plus alchemy

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Harmony might work in arena, i dont know, but its TERRIBLE for pve! As for the set, i think crystalline AND eternalized will be best for him as its a farming build
Although id suggest energy mythic for mana system


As for the perma frost bonus, its actually quite weak, 12.5% per rank increased damage. At (5) thats only 62.5% increase, while from say an insolence OH, you can get 100% from just one legend affix.

@Kwiksilver you can get Crushing Flames with Amethyst. I just looked at Crystal Crafting Restrictions and it looks like you can put CF on any Item with any Class.

@TeaCup my Ascending Build at one point had Equivalence, Harmony, and Defiant, and was really great against monsters with Thorns. at high floors with builds with low or 1 HP, you don’t need Harmony, but I think it would work great with Masochism & Defiant type builds if crafted the right way.

I suppose of your using 200k ish HP, at arround floor 500 at most, then maybe its viable. But typically my play style is to one shot the enemy before they attack, the kind of “a perfect offence is a perfect defence” style of play.

@TeaCup haha, no way me, you, or anyone else would have that much HP on the higher floors. you just need enough HP so that when using Defiant, the other half of it’s Damage bonus from missing HP can work. usually only useful with Masochism Set, against monsters with Thorns, Blood Magic Resource, lost HP from getting damaged, or some combination of the 4. Harmony Mythic is good at regulating your HP for these kinds of builds. I haven’t used Harmony for awhile, because the build I am using doesn’t need it, but I have builds in mind that can make good use of it.
I just recently put 100% Glasscannon on my build and am still getting used to having 1 HP, but it has opened up my mind with ideas for crafting Farming and Climbing Builds. a 50% Glasscannon with Harmony is floating around in my head at the moment, but I need to do some serious farming again to make it.

I used to use it all the time with energy but that got patched and i had to re-make my farming character (that had 200k HP and was happy at 300M3, 500Epic)
currently my hireling ‘meat sack’ is full of luck/goldfind and has 4mill HP so its just for farming on 500M3 and never dies, ever
Now i use a character with max move speed, scalp, living force and 75%block&dodge… also 40 crush talent. With sanctuary its quite rare that i die, usually once per map at most but ive never had to pay gold to revive

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I never really got any of my builds over 30k+ HP or MP, except for a few Mana Shield builds with around 50k MP, because after reading the Forums, Dodge & Block are the way to go. better to not get hit, especially the higher you go up the floors. the thing I like about Harmony is I only need MP Heals to be able to heal my HP, which works great when up against monster with Thorns or builds that can use this mechanic. I can make a farm build that can smash stuff good on floor 500 M3, but I am still working on what works good on floors 800+. I am up to 980’s, but took a break to farm lower floors and think of better farming builds for up to floor 1k, and climbing builds for floors over 1k.

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