Please help me build my wizard storm

I play dungeon quest a few months ago. Here I ask, to help improve my character. I am confused what to do again. Sorry if my english is bad.


  1. Storm 40

  2. Fortune 20

  3. Dexterity 20

  4. Strength 6

Please give me suggestions or help to improve my character.

Thank you very much


Procure colocar mais pedras lendarias, :slight_smile:

look in the Codex and check out the Legend items that are listed. the Legend Affixes (the Red ones) are usually more powerful than the Orange or Yellow ones (Epic and Normal). some of the Legend affixes can be rolled by using the Crystal - Ruby. others can only be found on Legend items when you find them as treasure. Movement Speed is one that can be rolled with Ruby or found on a Legend item. +200% Weapon Damage can not be rolled with Ruby, and can only be found on certain Legend items. Set Affixes (Green): there are different ones, some help you do more damage, and others help you with defense or Resources. there is an affix called + All Sets that improves the Sets you have. your Cosmic Power and Equality are (1) each. if you have +4 All Sets, then you would have Cosmic Power and Equality (5) each. only a few items have the + All Sets on them, and there is a Myth Stone that you can put on your items that gives + All Sets, but it is hard to get. one way to learn how to make a good build is to make a Farm Build. since you need Luck and Gold Find to find lots of treasure, and have less space for killing monsters, it is a good way to learn how to craft your items. Luck will also help you to find hard to find items. this is how I learned to make good items, and I am still learning. eventually you will find a Crystal called Obsidian. it lets you put Crystal Affixes on your items. they are 3x the values of Epic affixes. there are only about 20 of them, but they are really good. your Epic Dodge is +10%, but Crystal Dodge is +30%! Obsidian is hard to get, but when you start getting them, thay will help you improve your build. I looked at your build again, and you have too much Crit Chance. take one off of one of your items, and on 2 of your items, see if you have 2 Death Natures. (when you click on your Gauntlet, it would say Cyclone Gauntlet of Death). that would give you +60% Crit Chance, which is the maximum you can get without using the Epiphany Set. this will give you one more space for something else.


Hero points into strength ,dexterity, intelligence and fortune

@dickwad those are always difficult choices. in the early game, HP is important, or you die all the time. right now, I have 4 points in Str, 20 Dex, and 20 Int, 20 Storm…and the rest split between Comet and Teleport. my Storm and Dex are both at 40 and I have +10 All Skills. I keep thinking of ways to not use the 4 support skills so I can do lots of damage, but Dexterity seems to be one I like to keep at 40, it is so helpful for my builds. I am still considering my options for resources. no resource, no skills. so it is hard to have low Intelligence. I recently took a deep breath, added +50% Glasscannon, and watched my HP get cut in half. it still feels very wrong, but my Character is doing ok. one reason I think Accomplished should be the first Perk is because you get a lot of Hero Points early, and don’t have to agonize on where to put your Hero Points because it will be a long time until you get the next one. and Hero Points let you do things you can’t do until you get better at crafting. at least for a first Character. second and later Characters, just do the Perks you need to get the job done in the order that is best for you.

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Accomplished is a good choice and so is treasured