Please help me to check the projectiles

All I can find of projectiles in game are including barrage, comet, pierce, arrow, bullet, hatchet, thrown sword, rock blast. (I can not sure that whether other skills are also projectiles)

I want to check which projectile is not apply to these mythics, set, skills, and talent (listed below).

Exposed:Enemies that have been pierced by projectiles take 50% more dmg from all attcks

Timewarp:Summons field that slows everything within, adds (rank)% offhand DMG to bolts

Propulsion (Rogue): +1.5% Chance to knockback enemies with projectiles
Ambush (Rogue): +1% Chance for projectiles to spawn traps on impact
Bewilder (Wizard): Projectiles have a +1.5% chance to stun

Thank you for your reply.

Only for bullets and arrows.