Please help me

When i download data in DQ account backup , than appears (download limit has been reached. Please try again 3 hour(s), can someone help me to be able to play right away without having to wait 3 hours?

This is a limitation of our back up server. We have this time limit in placed to restrict constant uploading and downloading on the server. That way we don’t have situations where our backup system stops working for players.

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Can i still play my legit account after 3 hours? Or DQ Will reset my account? :frowning: But i don’t hack or cheat anything on this game, just farming hours by hours while lockdown on covid 19 situation :’(

Everyone who downloads from the back up server has a 3 hour limit before they can download again. This is done so that our back up server will work for everyone…and not crash burning to the ground when everyone is uploading and downloading all the time :smile:


After 3 hours ended Will i get limit again when i download or upload data? Still 3 hours or more than 3 hours ?

After 3 hours you can download your game data. If you do that you will have another 3 hour timer before you can download again.

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