Please Help T.T

Im using horn…but as i know that extra attack work on 1st skill that is sprint for horn…but can i know which one is good…crits damage or extra attack T.T , and also i have nadroji…but it seems not so usefull for now …i heard about it…but my ring now is better by DPS and overall rating…is there any chnge i should do? TQ guys/gurl

this is it

why i cant sent pic Q.Q


sory …just noticed it so small T.T

I would use the Nadroji, dps values are not perfect to go by, plus it still has an empty socket.

yeah…but i dont want to lose the spellsword affix T.T

yeah…but i dont want to lose the spellsword affix T.T[/quote]

Nadrojis is worth trading Spellsword for, get Spellsword on another item… there are NO other items other than nadrojis that gives +set, and +set also works with Spellsword.

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Would be nice to edit your post instead of spamming your topic :confused:

hahah sorry…im a newbie…i dont know actually how to do that…and my photo all are small sobs :cry: