Please help wiz farming build floor 150-500

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Show us your current build.

i rlly felt my build were trash so im here asking for ur helpXD, especially when it comes to damage output and items drops i think there’s somthing missing pls guide me

Poat your ring and amulet if you can.

Im sure Golem will be here shortly to offer some great help.

You lack luck, also why do you expect to have good damage ? Most farming builds rely on sets for damage (mostly Crushing Flames or sets that can snowball damage with a lot of enemies)

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the number one thing that stands out is that you have too much Fortune Skill affix, but not enough Fortune Skill. Respec your Skills so that you have 10 each in Dexterity, Intelligence, and Fortune, then split the rest between the other Skills that you are using. figure out which Fortune affixes you can take off and still have 30/40 Fortune Skill total

you don’t have Storm, so those points are wasted, same with Command.

an Item with Reactor Set will really go well with Orb Skill, unless you are planning to run around and let your Skullshield do all the killing. in that case, for sure have it at 20, and eventually get Skullshield to 40.

before you start climbing too high, start working on getting Obsidian to put Crystal affixes on your Items. two of those affixes are going to be +225 Luck and +225% Gold Find (since this is a Farm Build.). not only will this power up your build, you open up space for more affixes (Crystal affixes are 3x values of Epic affixes, except for HP/MP on hit, which are 2x values). with these 2 Crystal affixes, and 20 points in Fortune Skill, have 1 Greed and 1 Luck Nature to max out your Luck & Gold Find. 3 Legend Item Drops will also max out your Item Drop.

as you go up, you are going to need Sanctuary Mythic on your Amulet and Dodge +60% to survive. the higher up the floors you go, the more monster you will meet who can 1 hit kill you. so killing them first or not getting hit until you kill the monsters is important.

any +5000 Elemental damage you have, take them off and replace them with a few +75% Critical Damage (2 for +150% is a good start). just getting more critical hits with high critical damage will improve things a lot. oh, and see if you can get your Critical Chance to at least +50%.

Eternal Items sure look great and make a Player feel good, but they get in the way of making decent builds until you understand how to even use them properly (yes, you can make good builds with Eternal Items, but you have to really know what you’re doing. some players have made good Eternal Builds, but me personally, I don’t use them in my Builds yet. you can’t use most Crystals on them, which really sucks).

are you doing well with your Minions?

take a look at Nadroji Ring & Amulet, and take a look at the Codex Affixes and Sets to see some of what can go on an Item. this might give you some new ideas.

for those who don’t know yet, I read a lot of Threads and Posts when I first started playing DQ, and learned a lot. I did play a few months before finding DQ Forums and got a little of what I learned at the time from the Codex. the rest is just playing and seeing what worked, what didn’t, and what was fun for me to do. hmm, I just looked at my Profile, and it looks like I’ve read 4.9k Threads and 61.2k posts… maybe I’m reading too much… :books: :eyeglasses: :brain: :boom: . and I also have over a hundred posts bookmarked that have helpful info (not all of them are my posts lol).

oh yeah, you should put either 1 Ignore Resist (Legend affix) or +60% Weaken or more. but not both together as they cancel each other out. these will help out a lot just like Crit hit and Crit damage does. Elemental Critical and/or Immolate will give you a chance to cause Immolate, which causes an enemy to burn with +100% of your Fire DoT Dmg. a second for 4 seconds. instead of Immolate, you could put 1 or 2 Bleed Damage to boost your Bleed damage.

lastly, are you going for Perks?

Welcome to DQ Forums @Haks !


Hey @Haks pm me I will guide you with everything you wanted to know, I’m Sieghart in the game the former Top 1 global player before.