Please Help

Hey everyone I am KuruptKiller! I just started really getting into this game, it’s fun and reminds me of Diablo. I was just wondering what are things I need to know. Like are there certain items I should never sell? How do I craft? What do I need for crafting? What does the convert button do? I have a wizard lvl 30 I believe. I noticed when I change weapons my skills change too. Is that the only way to change skills.? Also what are the best skills to use? Any help would be greatly appreciated thank you.

well items that are colored red, for starters, dont sell them yet and uae them as mich as possible. crafting in this game is not really the crafting your thinking. its more like socketing crystals to make it another type of powerful equips (called Mythics). Another items not to sell, if you any item with 4 sockets. Gather as much as many gold as you can. you can change your skills later with Amber, a very rare crystals. convertion is a vame mechanic to take an item or 2 to sacrifice to create next powerful item, like on crystal, converting 2 calcite will give you angelite.

When I was Startin here… One sent me a Link to Skaul’s Beginners Guide… or eho owns that page because I forgot it…


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