Please Help

Hi, I am having a problem with Dungeon Quest I’m just new to the game and I want to experience the game 100%, but there is this bug(I think it is) I can’t see my character, some Items(when they drop) the Enemies and the terrain(walls,Barrels,boxes,Rune Towers etc.) itself but I can play the game with a little bit of lag, I can do dungeons,Kill Enemies, Use Skills, loot stuffs, use Crystals, Open Stats/Merchat/Hero/Inventory and thanks to the map I can see were I’m going, Please if you can fix this, please do it ASAP coz I really want to play the game at it’s 100%…

Perhaps you could post a screenshot to better understand what you see on the screen?
Also, does it happen all the time, or just occasionally?
Have you tried setting Low FX in the DQ Options?
What device are you using?