Please make toasts an option

For the love of Andariel… please create a setting option to disable toast windows and perhaps even floating item verbosity.

The FEAT toast windows though, so terrible. Constantly drawing over top of falling furies… blocking major portion of view while actively playing.

Please consider this. IMO , huge “ugghhh”

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Ikr. Idk why I didn’t suggest this ages ago.

Lol. Uh huh. 24 inch toast window in my face… the thing is it’s very often. If it popped up only on completion… But it doesn’t. Seems the games always updating you with a new progress window

Just so I understand, you are referring to the Feat Completion windows at the top of the screen?


Yes sir :slight_smile: @tdaniel

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I don’t know about disabling the feat completion messages, but how about an option to make them transparent, so we get the message (important for sure) but can still see what is going on behind the message. having mobs of furies or malums show up, and then the message show up, things can get interesting very fast!

Being an “option” gives you the choice to see or not see.

Personally, idc to see them at all. I’ve completed all feats far to many times. I find it’s just annoying now and huge screen real estate

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@tdaniel . I also observed a weird bug / glitch… something… ? But the size of the window is generally consistent, however, every now and then, it is really really small. O.o

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hmm, I guess to make every one happy, the toggle could be -normal-transparent-off- . especially when the message comes up for feat completion, and then something nasty spawns behind the message, but I don’t see the spawn, then I see the ‘you are dead’ message. happens more often with the Accomplished Perk.

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Lol. :slight_smile:

2 things :

1 - this is exactly what I’m talking about. It pops up over top of 15 falling furies and I blindly whirlwind into them not being able to even see they were there.

And 2 - If it only popped up on feat completion it wouldn’t be so bad. But it’s constantly drawing updated incomplete feats too

oh, those are at 25%, 50%, and 75% to show where you are at for the feat. those treasure/item feats pop up like crazy with Accomplished. every once in awhile, I have gotten 5-8 messages in one map, as the feats update.

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haha, how about when you get all the monster feats in a row, with the messages popping up same time as the monsters! nooooo!

Mhm. Lol