Please Update DQ's Wikia Page

I’m already over this but i just remembered how upset and frustrated I was when I was crafting a mythic item. I was making an off hand weapon with Vanish mythic. I was so excited but after crating it and looking at the item it says 10% chance to cast Vanish on attact per second. Only 10% chance!!! In DQ’s wikia page it says 30% chance! Okey, that’s about it, I hope they update it because for new players with limited mythstones and resources it matters a lot. Merry Xmas Happy gaming!

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Yah should update it base on updated dq ver.

Well it’s a community based info page everyone can fix it. I would But don’t have the time.

Yea I know u have two kids

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Hey! About vanish: It has been edited :smile:


Actually, I don’t think anyone can edit it. At least I can’t figure out how to. I’ve found NUMEROUS errors and wanted to fix them, but can’t.

For example, a huge amount of entries in the “Affixes” wiki page (here) are wrong – based on pre-2.0 ranges, I assume, but here we are on the brink of 2.1 and the wiki hasn’t been revised since the latest update.

Part of the reason this forum has so many repeated questions, mixed answers, or downright confusion is because there is no consolidated source of reliable information. The Wiki would be a great place for that. Updating it more frequently or allowing community members to update would solve that problem.


As a very (week old) young player, not experience enof to change nor can change.
it has been a very painful running from page site and doing circles just to get one simple answer.

That’s part of the reason I created my guide. If there’s something you think should be in it, shoot me a message or something. I’m still thinking of things to include with it, and working things out to include. Creator of the wiki, I believe, is clogon, and he is inactive. But, if there’s anyone questioning ig stuff, whether it’s you or someone else, remember this guide, and, if it’s not there, shoot me a PM. :smile:

Hey! Wiki Affix Page should be correct now. Let me know, if you find any other errors. :smile:
I am currently trying to get the wiki up to date, but it will take a while until everything is finished.


SO much better. Looks really good! Thank you!!!

@Refia: I know the character class pages are still outdated. I think the Talents section on all 3 classes need some updating (Warrior still doesn’t have Provocation talent, for example), and I think the class special traits are a bit off too, aren’t they?

Hey! Sorry, I have overseen your reply. If you really want to contribute to the wiki, let me know your username and which pages you want to edit, I will unlock them for you.
Yeah, the whole wiki is a little bit outdated…
Edit: Updated the Warrior talent page. I will finish the others, if I have time.

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The Affixes page is out of date again, due to 2.1 update. Aethereal Drain is not listed under set affixes at all, for example.

Also I noticed that Adventure is not listed under Mythics either. Anyone notice any other missing mythics?

Adventure is there. If you’re trying to look it up, here’s the info:

Skill: Adventure
Description: Picking up gold grants as much experience as it does gold
Item Type: Amulet
Mythstones: Flight Quest Fortune Zenith

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Oh you must mean Adventure is listed on the Mythics wiki page. I was talking about the Affixes wiki page, which has a Mythics section that does not list Adventure.

Ah, gotcha. Yup, you’re right!