Pls help i dont understamd what is happening on my rouge character

What seems to be the problem?

i dont understand why my shotgun has that kind of skills and even if i change my weapon, still it remains the same, i dont under stand i was almost done on floor 298 then that happened so i died, a lot of times cause it just keeps on blinking. ;((

this is so sad, i was so excited to reach 300 then that happened ;((

Maby ur offhand wepon skill is chaged too

I think you put on battle mage cap. Crimson cover or you have battle mage set on another item. That will make your main hand primary skill charge and secondary whirlwind. Remove battle mage set / gear item and you will have your gun back. :smiley:

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ohhh so thats what happened thnks for the help guys im back on shooting now sooo happy, i just love killing enemies that got no chance lol xD
currently at floor 302 xD
thnx again guys wouldve cried all night if i ddnt know what happened xD

Good to hear. Was it a Crimson Cover cap you equipped with battle mage set affix? That was my guess. Glad you got your gun back!

yeah it was, i just removed the prefix lol xD
bought that thing that would get me back to lvl 1 in the shop coz i got bored, ddnt think i wont be able to equip my items till i reach 50, lol sad. xD
but im enjoying the thrill tho

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i meant afix xD