Pls help making mystic flintlock

pls help me to make a mystic flinlock i try to make but it cant be mystic i dont know what mystic flintlock need pls reply a mystic to make a mystic flintlock ty.

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That’s because flintlock doesnt need mythic skill. To be more accurate none of the mythic skill for mainhand weapon fits with flintlock

But if you really want one, id suggest arc or rockblast.

i mean flintlock that color violet not the affix

Yeah that’s what I mean…If you put a mythic skill (arc,cosmic orb, earthquake, rockblast etc) it turns violet.

Go read this thread. Might help you

@f00kee Sorry to be bugging you even further, but in conjunction with what you said… have you seen a really nice setup for a flintlock? Not one that fits into a build, really (I know that sounds silly) because I’m not at a point (only at floor 125) to where I’m ready to make a build. Just a really badass, single flintlock.

I’m currently using a flintlock ^^ I’m using it on my hireling for farming and hiking ^^ I’m almost ready to share that build I just want to reach M3 floor 4k to see if it will still be effective. I’m currently at 3k floor ^^

@f00kee What kind of affixes do you use on the flintlock?

you’ll need affixes for Ice element

Oooooooo, you’re an ice user, too??
I love using ice, pretty much all my stuff is iced out. I just don’t have a legend flintlock with more frostbite or freeze. I just have a regular epic flintlock and I used a ruby to give it glasscannon. But I’m still curious what affixes you have on it. Lolol

is there any mystic flintlock other than this Harmony,
Synergy, Blood Magic, Discordance, Energy, Alchemy, and Fury.?

Those are just the resource mythics, bud. There are other choices.

is theres no flintlock like cyclone bombard cosmicorb rockblast and etc

The only mythic that can be useful is Rockblast. That can help you kill legend and mythic boss 1v1

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ok ty i already know all of the mystic stones they need

So flintlock cant be violet?

Of course it can, just assign the mythic ability you want.

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