Poison and Crushing Blow

I crystal affixed my poison Lance with Crushing blow and ever since I no longer cash poison clouds on hit.

Is this a well know bug? I was a blight, Knightscharge build. This has ruined that.

it works fine to me maybe you just cant see it because crushing blow helps to kill monster faster

Maybe it has to do with “Can no longer overwrite poison dot dmg with damage from toxic cloud more than once” from

This basically means poison clouds got nerfed, they cannot overwrite themselves over and over any more… which also means if you have an enemy which already is poisoned from toxic, toxic doesn’t spawn a cloud anymore (at least it seems like it from my experience).
Only if you have a monster which isn’t poisoned by toxic next to it, toxic will spawn a cloud (but the damage from that cloud will only be inflicted on the enemy once the old DoT is over).

Maybe you removed the Elemental Critical on your gear. Check it out.

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This was absolutely right.

No clue how the fuck I looked over that haha. Thanks, man.

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Hahaha I assume you just missed it. Glad to help man :smile:

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