Poison bug and no enemy health bug ? i think :(

Bug report

Um Enemy are not Targetable but they atk and they have no health sorry i have no screenshot
but maybe the poison element is the problem because sometime ween i kill a enemy with the poison cloud
and the damage indicator will not show and they Don’t die but there health’s are gone

and another bug but this time it the poison cloud
ween its just a single enemy the poison cloud (element Critical)
will not proc even how many % u have if poison cloud but only on epic and legendary
but normal to blue will always proc the Poison cloud but if this is intended why ?

sorry for my English i’m trying my Best

Yeah they are called zombies annoying as hell, well avoid huge Packsize maps :confused:

Already reported pretty much since i can remember playing DQ…
better watch out those reports cause someone here “I wont mention the name” but his name isnt @Refia, will tell you what I just said…

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Hey! Thanks for the bug report. Yeah it’s a known bug. The only way to prevent it is avoiding % packsize maps.

but the elemental proc ? is it a bug or not ?

Hey! It’s intended, that bosses like Cartographer/Enslaver/Floor bosses has elementalcrit immunity :slight_smile:


Ohh Why the horror :frowning:

Is that true for all Epic+ enemies or just those specifically? It seems to be all Epic+ from my experience.

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Yes, it’s intended.


I am having fun right now thinking that it was just not me having these issues. :joy::joy:

On higher floors, I hate it when these zombies keep my hireling preoccupied. Gotta leave the map half cleaned when it gets too annoying.