Poison Build for All Classes




Here’s a video of the gameplay for all classes

I have finally finished the builds and I think I did good on making these. Rogue and Wizard are really powerful while Warrior is OK I guess, but it can still do it’s job at killing the Cartographer. This took a lot of testing and experimenting and of course a lot of materials. I hope everyone will like it and feel free guys to give some feedback so I would know if there’s some things that I can do to make it better. That’s all for now if anyone has questions I’ll try to answer them. More builds to come in the future!!

This was done at 8000 floor which I just reached today using these builds.

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looking great! the only thing I could think of for improvements is to somehow fit a +10% Crushing Blow on them, but that could also be a problem…

I did try it with +10% Crushing Blow with Frozen Set and it wasn’t really that effective since I think you take a lot of enemies HP quickly making the Poison DoT and Poison Cloud damage not good and it isn’t able to kill the Carto, but I’m not sure though. I’m still trying to work on the Warrior to make it just as good as the other classes, but Warriors Talent and Skills is giving me troubles. I don’t really know what combination works best, I tried with Scalp and Berserker Talents cause of the bleed but Scalp has knockback making enemies be out of range of the Poison Clouds. Then we have the Defender Talents which only Bulwark is the only useful and important one and next is the Champion Talents which we have Might, Zealous/Mindful which are good but I don’t know which Skills to use. I tried most of the Skills to see which one would be the best like Scalp, Taunt, Torrent, Whirlwind, Knightscharge but it still isn’t as good as the other two classes. I could use WhirlingBlades or Orb but I didn’t really want to use other classes Skills. For me Warriors Talents and Skills are really hard for me to find what fits best for one another and in addition Warrior build has too many Epiphany Set just to get 100% Block and it really limits the affixes I need to put. I want to use Druidic but there is not enough slot for it and for Crystal HP/MP Regen affixes to maximize Druidic DMG. Still trying to figure out things and if some people can help me that’ll be a really big help.

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if you need Druidic and the Regeneration, start with those first, and any space left is what you need to fill up with affixes, instead of doing them last.

Horn/Sprint for moving around fast and poisoning enemies on the way to the Cartographer with Taunt to draw the Cart & other monsters into a small group.

I don’t use Warrior much yet, but even I find it hard to use some of the Warrior Talents. With Rogue I love using Ninja Talents, and with Wizard I love using Elementalist Talents. with Warrior, I find that I’m always mixing Talents from the different Talent Trees based on the Build, but I find I like using the Berserker Talents with Bleed builds.

have you thought of using Smash on Hammer? putting Skill points into Smash gives it better Crit Damage.

thanks for the scoop on Crushing Blow, I kind of thought it would mess up certain builds…

One unimportant man’s opinion.
My preference:

Poison :+1:

Druidic :-1:

Plagued :+1:

Scalp :+1:

Hammer :-1:

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I did some testing and Crushing Blow actually works. I guess the other build that I tested it with didn’t work effectively but even without Crushing Blow the build can still kill high HP enemies and the Carto as well. I think it depends if people want CB or not.

Warriors Talents also ends me up mixing them as well but I do like using Berserker Talents as well. I’m gonna try to find a good combination with those Talents. I also have use Smash on Hammer but I’m not sure if it’s a good combo just as the other classes since my phone just starts lagging so I can’t really tell how effective it is.

What I want to work on right now is trying to find what works best with Warrior’s Berserker Talents so I’ll probably try Scalp again and experiment on it.

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