Poison Build OP again?

So after doing some research of poison builds and understanding it, searching and studying different affixes and what goes well for poison to how I could maximize my damage I think that I have made poison builds “OP” again, but I might be wrong since I don’t know the full potential of poison builds after the nerfs and how high of a floor you could get with that build but I’m pretty happy with what I made and how much damage this build could do being on par with crushing blow/flames and frozen build on high floors. The damage is a secret for now but I will tell how much damage it does or make a video on it in a couple of days for you know…surprise lol. Anyway heres the build that I made

Of course any feedbacks is accepted here. Tell me if some affixes don’t go well together with this build and I’ll change it later.:grin:

you have to make a choice between Equivalence and Discordance… you can only have one Resource Mythic at a time on any Build.

if you take Equivalence off, then you have to make sure that your HP & MP are even… the bigger the difference, the less effective Equality Set is. also, with Discordance, your Multi Attack will be increasing the damage/dps of Twister while Skilled is affecting Boomerang.

if you take Discordance off, Equivalence is automatically making your HP & MP even, which means your Equality % is at max.

on Tink, you don’t need the Armor or Poison Resist affixes.

for every thing else, will wait to hear how the build does after you do your testing. looks pretty good.

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Thank you @Golem for the feedback. I will be changing those affixes now and look for affixes that I could replace it with but some questions that I need to ask. Since Discordance switches my MH primary and special skills damage would Skilled affect my primary skill dmg making twister do more dmg or will it not take effect? I will be getting rid of Equivalence since I don’t use Boomerang as my main attack and only Twister. For now time to do some changing.

I suggest not to rely on Effective. You should rely on Ignore resist

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I use Effective because it stacks with weaken. Effective and weaken does more damage than ignore resist and weaken is much better than ignore resist if you have 90% weaken on crystal affix and with epic affix you can make it 100% that’s why I chose it.

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Yes its true that you will deal more damage in effective + weaken but, in my entire experience of playing this game ignore resist is much better than that. Effective + weaken dealing more damage on certain enemies but dealing less damage to those immune enemies.

You are focusing to much in debuffing the enemies but lacking in damage multipliers. I suggest to use ignore resist so you can put some damage multipliers in exchange of weaken.

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it’s a trade off… +90% Weaken (Crystal) and Effective Mythic is a good combo that takes up 2 spaces, the only weakness being Greatly Resist on the right Element and same for Immune to Map Element. Ignore Resist only takes up 1 space and ignores enemy resistances and immunities at the cost of not doing Effective damage.

one thing I haven’t done is compare +90% Weaken & Effective Mythic vs. +120% Weaken (Weaken Cap is +200%. 2 Crystals & 1 Epic or Mythstone takes 3 spaces). they both take up 2 spaces. I think I will do the math for this soon and post it. I’ll also do a comparison with Ignore Resist.

here’s Mid’s 3.0 Guide on the subject. now, he puts Ignore Resist last because most enemies wont be Greatly Resist or Immune to the correct Element to weaken Effective Mythic. but the ones that are are usually the Epic+ monsters with tons of HP and 3 to 6 monster affixes. in the end, 1 space with +90% Weaken is best, 2 spaces with +120% Weaken is next best, and after that, it depends on what you want your build to do and how much space you need to make it all work.

Skilled Mythic stays with the Primary Skill when using Discordance (it follows Boomerang, for example), so it wouldn’t work with the Special when getting switched. on the other hand, Mutli Attack & Extra Attack Chance will switch over to the Special Skill, which is a huge boost to damage/dps for the Twister. putting Twister +10 on the Pet will boost your Twister just like for a Wizard. if you’re willing to give up 2 more spaces, you could put +5 All Skills on your Weapons and get Twister +20. this will increase your Twister damage +100%, increase AoE by +20%, and the Twister’s Attack Frequency will be 4.8 a second for 5 seconds (the duration of Twister) for 24 attacks total.

90% weaken is not enough if you wanted to max out the damage you should have at least 160% or for the best results 200% and for much better result you should add Arcanist set affix. but on the other hand, it will take a lot of spaces resulting on lacking of putting damage multipliers. What I’m doing to maximized the damage is putting a best combo in set affix and put out some damage multipliers and Ignore resist will do the main thing. Every slot is very important so you should not waste it.

in my noob days, I tried the +90% Weaken and it works great… for noobs. I also did +200% Weaken for awhile with high Crit Chance & Damage, and that was just plain awesome. now I just use either +120% Weaken (2 spaces) or Ignore Resist (1 space). but that’s just because I use one or the other depending on my build requirements.

for those who make awesome builds with +90% Weaken, well, I guess you aren’t noobs, but getting +90% Weaken (even if it’s with 3 Epic +30% Weakens) is a big step forward for noobs. I remember how much in awe I was at how Weaken improved my game as a noob… it was Magical!!!

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