Poison Clouds/Toxic

I have a question, does aoe affixes affect poison clouds and what affixes/stats/talents increases the poison clouds damage. I know that blight boost its damage but does poison damage %/+ or any type of dmg boost increase it as well. Does poison dmg %/+ only increases poison weapons dmg?

And about Cosmic Power do I need both hp and mp regen to proc it or can I just have 1 of them, what is the cap of hp and mp regen


I still have a lot of questions about poison elements and some might be the one I asked earlier so here they are. Thx in advance for answering…

  1. What dmg boost (affix/stats/talents/effects, etc) affect poison DoT and toxics damage (ex. Will glasscannon increase its damage or any affix that increases dmg base on their hp?)

  2. Does poison DoT and Toxics dmg stack? (Like if poison DoT deals dmg will poison cloud deal dmg as well? Or is it only one of them that will deal dmg?)

  3. Does poison DoT and poison cloud crit? (If so how does it work? I’ve seen in the forum that poison cloud only crits if poison DoT crit or something like that)

  4. Does deadly strike affect poison DoT and poison clouds?

  5. Does poison dmg %/+ increase your MH/OH dmg or your poison DoT/Toxic?

  6. Is there a cooldown on spawning poison clouds?

  7. Is there a way to increase poison DoT/Toxic duration?

  8. What is the formula/calculation for Plagued (is it 125% + x of enemies poisoned?)

  9. About Druidic Set do I need both MP & HP regen? How is the damage calculated?

  10. Is Druidic good even if I have no MP/HP regen?

  11. About Shadow Set do I need to use stealth to activate it? And the dmg multiplier how is it calculated?

  12. Does bleed dmg stack with poison DoT?

  13. Will Empyrean increase poison DoT/Toxic dmg?

  14. Does multiple poison cloud deal dmg to enemies? (ex. If there is 2 poison cloud and 1 enemy is in those 2 poison clouds will the enemy take dmg from those 2 poison clouds or will only one of them take effect)

  15. Some of the affixes increases a certain stats (etc.) per rank of a certain stats (etc.) How are those calculated? (ex. Pathfinder increase your damage per rank of dodge) (IK, its not related to poison XD)

Thats probably it for now might add some questions later. I’m experimenting with poison and answering these questions would really help me build my Rogue and not waste any crystals on affixes that doesn’t affect poison DoT/Toxic DMG

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  1. Poison DoT is 10% of an attacks damage that is applied every second for 8 seconds. this comes out to 80% of an attacks damage in Poison DoT damage. anything that increases your attacks damage affects your poison DoT damage. Wizard Sorcery Talent directly increases the damage of Fire & Poison DoT. Sorcery 20 increases Fire & Poison DoT by +100%.

  2. not sure, but I believe that the highest of each will be used (if Toxic & Poison DoT are considered different kinds of damage). if not, then the highest of Toxic will be used, and when it goes away, Poison DoT is used.

  3. DoT’s are also considered attacks, so each one has a chance to cause a Critical Hit and also a chance to cause Crushing Blow (if you have it on your Equipment). Elemental Crits (like Toxic Cloud) won’t Elemental Crit.

  4. any Critical Hit has a chance to Deadly Strike if you have Deadly Strike on your Equipment.

  5. your MH/OH damage, but only if they are the same Element.

  6. no, it’s instant if you Elemental Crit.

  7. Wizard Fester Talent affects DoT duration, and Inferno Set Bonus also increases DoT duration. haven’t tested either for Elemental Crit DoT’s, so not sure about those.

  8. (Set Rank x 25%) x number of enemies poisoned. so 5 enemies poisoned with Plagued (5) is +500% Poison DoT. so each Poison DoT is doing 60% of attacks damage every second for 8 seconds.

  9. because of Caps, you should use both, or have one really high. total 8000 minimum for 2x DoT damage. add your HP & MP Regen together, divide by 4000, then multiply by your poison damage. poison DoT damage x ((HP Regen + MP Regen) / 4000) = ?.

  10. NO.

  11. yes. casting Stealth causes the poison attack. it doesn’t say how much dmg the AoE does, but I’m guessing it does 100% OH dmg. each tic of the DoT has a (5% chance per Rank) to cause a poisonous explosion that does (+20% per Rank) per each second left. it looks like the explosion does the same damage as the Poison DoT with Shadow (5). don’t know if the damage is multiplied by how many seconds are left for the DoT. the one time I tested the Set, I was on a Pack Size Map, and my screen froze. haven’t gotten around to testing it properly yet since then.

  12. Bleed, Poison, and Fire DoT’s can cause damage to the same target all at the same time. the highest DoT damage of each is used until the DoT’s duration is finished, then the next DoT with the highest damage is used.

  13. from what I’ve read, Empyrean increases the damage of the attack that caused the Elemental Crit, so any Elemental Crit kinds of damage will be based on the increased damage from Empyrean.

  14. yes. if you want to see what that looks like, do a Search :mag: for Green Garden Build or some Poison Builds. some of them have video.

  15. using Pathfinder as an example. ((Pathfinder x Rank) x 12.5) x Dodge %. Pathfinder (5) with +60% Dodge gives +37.5% damage and damage reduction. this affects your attacks damage, and then you figure out your Poison DoT damage based on that. so an attack that does 1000 dmg does 1375 dmg with Pathfinder. so your Poison DoT would now do 137 dmg a second for 8 seconds instead of 100 dmg a second for 8 seconds.

if you are wondering, if your attack gets a critical hit with a Deadly Strike, then your Poison DoT will be based on that damage. on top of that, each Poison DoT has a chance to Critical Hit and Deadly Strike. if your critical hit & deadly strike % is low, then you wont get all that massive damage all of the time, very rarely.

hope this helps.

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