Poison skull build, new to game, a few questions


I’ve been building on my gear for about two weeks. I’m not sure if it’s my ability to navigate forums or lack of content, but I’m having some questions left unanswered. I’m not sure how to post my gear so I will give what I think is the most important information.

MH - Fates Travesty
OH- Eternal Hellfire
Chest- Wild hide
Head- Symmety
Ring - Dreamwalker
Neck- Nightstong

Two of my pieces have +10 skullshield, is the cap still 40?

Does my MY stats like +attack, Multi attack, attack speed etc effect OH damage? Do those stats effect skullshield at all? Should I change any gear? Right now I have 20 points in skullshield 20 in fortune and the rest in agility, is this optimal? I’m on floor 230ish mythic and so far I rarely die and everything dies so fast I just run by it even epic mobs or poison resist mobs. I will eventually have to switch to crushing blow/flames but I’m hoping this gear can take me to M3-500 so I can farm a while. What should I prioritize? I’m not a veteran player at all this is my only character. I did ascend once for perk that gives rarity and loot radius, currently level 81 m3 floor 230


Multi Attack, Extra Attack Chance, and Attack Speed only affect MH Primary Skill.

Weapon Skill cap is 42 I think, but most players don’t want to waste a space for only +2 more for Skills and just go for the 40.

if Poison Resist or any other type of Resist becomes a problem, invest in an Ignore Resist affix (Legend, you only need one) or 90% or higher of Weaken. these don’t work together, so it is one or the other. 3 spaces for Epic +90% Weaken (+30% each) or 1 space for Crystal +90% Weaken or 1 space for Ignore Resist.

Necrotic Talent 20 increases damage of Skull Shield +50%, Focus Talent 20 increases damage of all weapons by +50%, and Sorcery Talent 20 increases damage of DoT by +100%. these are Chest Talents. take a look at the other Talents and see if changing any of them will help your Build.

read the Dictionary in the Codex and take a look at Affixes, or look at some of the affixes on items you find before you sell them for gold, and see what the different affixes do. you might find one that can improve your Equipment, you can use Kyanite to take an affix off and Angelite to put a random one back, keep doing that until you get an affix you want, and see if it makes your Equipment perform better. this is what I did when I first started, but it is hard when you don’t have many Crystals.

soon, think about if you want to keep Climbing Floors or Farm for loot to improve your Equipment. if you want to Climb, don’t worry about Fortune Skill, but when you start working on Farming, space will be taken up for that, and you will have less space for killing monsters. this is a good time to learn what the different affixes do and how they work together for Farming or killing monsters.

last, if you decide you want to get more Perks, and get them fast, just go down to floors 100-110. experience from monsters stops going up at floor 100, so you are just working harder at higher floors for the same experience you get at these floors. also, each Perk you go for means more experience needed. 2x for second Perk, and 3x for third Perk. you will need to get Experience affixes or Quest Stones and get the +200% experience cap.

hope this helps.


Hi I didn’t know certain abilities only came on certain gear. I tried to get necrotic on a piece for a while today. Is there something I can look at to know what talents can be on what gear? Also, can any talent ( say +xp or + poison damage )be on any piece of gear? Thank you.


Necrotic on armour… but hold back and think wether it helps or not. Think maybe other talents could help.


when you look at the Stat Page, the button in the middle is for Talents. they are listed by the item they go on. one per non weapon item that doesn’t take up space on the item. a level 100 item would have a Talent Rank of 20. you can increase that up to 40 using affixes on the items, or add more than the 4 Talents that would come with the items. like I could go Sorcery, Wizardry, Magnify, and Prismatic for the item Talents, and add an Epic affix Focus +10.

Talents, Skills, Affixes, Myth Stones. some do the same thing and others don’t, take a look in the Codex Dictionary to know what these terms are so you can get a better understanding of the Threads and Posts you read.


just use cyan weaken than ignore resist…


true i ended up getting a cyan weakness and threw a weaken mythstone and it ended up being 99.9% ignore resist and it was only level 76


Crystal affixes are affected by the level of the item, just like Normal, Epic, or Legend affixes, but Myth Stone values are the same whether they are on level 1 or level 100 items.


true thats why when i went up a few floors and increased my level i used a crystal to increase its level but does 132% ignore resist do anything more than 100% ignore resist?


Ignore Resist isn’t really a percentage like Weaken. it just means no matter what the monster is resistant to, Ignore Resist treats a monsters resistances like they are not there.


lol i messed up i mean weaken does over 100% weaken do anymore then just 100% weaken like a dmg boost


sure does! so Ignore Resist takes up one space, but makes monsters have 0 Resist against your attacks. Weaken +30% (Epic affix) has a 30% chance to reduce a monsters Resistance by 30% and takes up 1 space. Weaken +90% (Crystal affix) has a 90% chance to reduce a monsters Resistance by 90% and takes up 1 space. Weaken +120% (1 Crystal and 1 Epic affix) is now like Ignore Resist, does +20% more damage, but takes up 2 spaces. the cap for Weaken is 200, so with 2 Crystal and 1 Epic affixes, you can get Weaken +200%. it takes up 3 spaces and gives you +100% damage. now, I don’t know if the extra damage only applies to the Element it is Resistant to, or to all Elements used against it, so if anyone knows, please share!
I used Weaken a lot when I started playing DQ, but my current builds only had space for Ignore Resist, but the extra damage you get from Weaken is something I would sure like to get back onto my Campaign Builds.


so what if i ended up with ignore resist and weaken? would it ignore the resist then all weaken add to my total dmg%?


@Kkiree hope this helps. helped me a lot.


for me weaken is the best!!!


k thanks for the help @Golem i’ll look into the guide