Poll: What's Your Favorite Boss?

What’s Your Favorite Boss?

  • Limorex
  • Malum
  • Nix Gigas
  • Ignis

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In the description let us know why! Also let us know which Boss has managed to kill you the most :smile:

I voted for Limorex as my favorite. There’s just something about those googly eyes and that insipid, yet malicious, grin.

However, the boss who has killed me the most is probably Malum.

Went with Limorex because I enjoy movement fights.

Ignis came a close second, but although I personally have no problem with him on my characters, I think he’s a bit of a wall for undergeared warriors (OHKO (specifically, 50k) slash and spin phase). I think only 30% of warriors will know how to deal with that – the rest will just be frustrated, and that gets me concerned. It also favours wizards far more in terms of the gear check (due to range).

As I farm Ignis most and he has the OHKO, he’s also probably the one that kills me most.

Favourite boss, after countless hours of farming, is Ignis. Slash Attack is so brutal in 1.4 :smiley:

Malum, killed me the most (also my least favourite Boss).

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My favorite boss is Limorex because he’s squishy lol. But really, because he spawns multiple enemies, and reminds me of the candy “DOTS”. My favorite ones were always the green ones.

Limorex here. :smiley:

Love fighting Ignis!

Ignis is just so easy with a recall/reclaim mage. Can beat him even without using my mainhand. The worm is worst for me. Those tornadoes keep killing me…

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