Portal Doesnt Show on Map

Hi. Need help with this please. There is no portal opening up once i completed a map. Im s5uck now at floor 200 which says i need to complete a map first to proceed but ever since when i finish a map the portal wont show up. Im an android user if that would help. Hope you guys can help me. TIA.

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Your report is not a bug. Click on the map that you have on your bag/inventory:

and click “open” if it asks you to open it.

If your map is on floor 200, the map that should come out from the cartographer should be on floor 201 and when you kill the cartographer on floor 201 it should give you a floor 202 map, and so on.

Also, you can always buy a map on the shop in floor 200 in case you did not find a cartographer in that floor


buying a Challenge Map from the shop will give you a Challenge Map of the floor you bought it on.

Challenge Maps have a Cartographer at the end that will drop a Challenge Map for the next floor…if you can defeat it!

the Regular Campaign Maps only go up to floor 200, so you have to get a Challenge Map from the shop or from a defeated Cartographer to go to higher floors.

when I was a Beginner, I didn’t know this and sold the map the Cartographer dropped on floor 200. I learned what my mistake was when I read the DQ Forums, and kept finishing floor 200 until another Cartographer appeared again. totally didn’t think about buying a map from the shop until a lot later. I was such a Noob!!! :blush:


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I see. Thanks alot