Possible bugs - Pets and Revive

Found a few things that might be bugs. I’ve noticed that when my pet levels up i lose control of my character for 1-2 seconds and he runs off in a random direction away from the mobs im fighting.

The other issue i noticed, which may be how the developers want it, has to do with revive. I noticed that im unable to revive my hireling if my character is moveing or attacking. Basically i need to stop doing anything with my main character before the game lets me revive my hireling. Found this to be rather annoying but maybe its ment to be this way.

Hey! Thanks for the bug report!

  1. issue:
    Do you have Fantacism Talent? It casts Charge on attack.

  2. issue:
    This is intended. The best would be if you create a topic in Feature Suggestion: http://forums.dungeon-quest.com/c/feature-suggestions

No I dont have Fantacism on any of my equipment. Next time i play ill pay closer attention and let you know if i discover a cause to it.