Possible Legend Bug

Ok, so I have made it past floor 400 and back. I have found Eternal legends, Crystal legends, Obsidian, and everything in between. I noticed a hole in my legendex, though. I cant seem to obtain Any… and I mean ANY of the “Found past floor 100 from powerful enemies” legends. I have not seen any of the legends, and grinding through challenge maps to floor 400 and then through normal maps on Mythic 3 … shouldn’t I have at least found/collected ONE of these items?

Pretty sure this a bug. I need Nadroji’s Crystal and Stone Of Nadroji for my reator build. It’s basically the next step for my toon in terms of power, and I can’t get it. Any advice?

Also, as a sidecar… quick question,l; Can I get Reactor set affix from Amethyst?

Thank you all in advance.

These only drop from epic and above tier enemies so it is not unreasonable to not see one :T obtaining a hunter ring will make your life much easier on that front as well as the new frightening choker is a good stand in! :smile: and yes you can absolutely get reactor from amethyst but only when it is applied to wizard items :+1:

Well,thanks for the info. Still find it hard to beleive that with all the epic/legendary/mythical enemies I have slaughtered I haven’t seen not even one legend from that reqtree. I guess I just keep trying.

I recently finished getting all 6 ascen’s and it makes my life so much easier not having hunter ring (it doesn’t stack based on the ascen description).

In the procress of getting all 6, I’ve found quite a few Nadroji items (1 eternal). This is from floor 200+ only.

You might find this useful regarding crafting.
The section on class specific affixes saved me a few amethysts :wink:

I had the same issue with Nodrogi early in game. Nadrogi helps with rare legend drop chance…Nadrogi is a rare legend. Need Nadrogi to find Nadrogi :flushed::grin: I did what Griffin suggested and used a hunter ring on shrines on floor 200 until it dropped. I killed A LOT of epics before the 1st Nadrogi dropped. Increase luck & item drops if can. Happy hunting!

It took me 400+ floors for my first Nadroji item lol and I was so happy about it. I almost cried.

I actually wasn’t aiming to get it, I just found it randomly while I was farming gold for the first time; with low % gold find at the time.

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if only items can be gifted. getting tons of nadrojis when I’m praying for a cognition :’(

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WTT > Nadroji set pieces! Seeking: amethyst, obsidian, ruby! PM for details and negotiation.


Hoping for trading in DQII !! @tdaniel seems to indicate it’s a possibility or at least being discussed. Can’t wait :+1: Would be cool to help new players by providing them with some free legends on trade.

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