Post-update Whirlwind bugged?

Has anyone noticed the behavior of Whirlwind following installation of the recent update?

Prior to this update, I could “control” my character while Whirlwind was active, using it to circle around difficult mobs. Now, I cannot control the direction of my character during Whirlwind. Sometimes he will sprint in one direction while it’s active and at other times, he will sprint at the end of whirlwind. Almost like a Charge mechanic. I’ve tried equipping different off-hands instead of my horn.

Any suggestions on something I might be missing are most welcome.

Hey! Thank you for your bug report. Whirlwind works fine for me. Which device are you using?

Thanks very much for the reply.

I am on Android.

You might have the new Fanatic Talent which makes you charge towards enemies.

New Champion Talent: Fanaticism – (rank)% to cast Charge on attack

Check your talents. Not a fan of this talent as you can’t control your char when charging >.>

Well-played. You are both correct. That’s exactly what was causing my toon to do that.

Thanks all for your help.

I love it with discordance earthshatter and provocation Talent and specialist+terrashaper. You just kill and move arround the map so fast!

Clogon the Master Builder :thumbsup:
Been using whirlwind since forever in pve xD
Narrowed my view on auto charge :stuck_out_tongue:

You should try different builds now. The new talent and skill changes are so fun.

Whirlwind is honestly very boring. It is too plain n simple.

Try the build I mentioned and add in Mirror image for more imba-ness. Just hope your device does not melt from the build’s overwhelming power. (Up to 42 earthshatters per cast = 26200% DMG)

Can you go in detail about this build more?

Not to hijack my own thread, but to echo what Clodoveo said, can someone provide some different build information?

I feel horribly uneducated about builds and (I hate to admit this) re-forging my gear. I am in the mid 200’s dungeon level-wise, with tons of different crystals…and little to no knowledge of “how to crystal” in order to better my gear. I’ve managed to acquire a crystal Fate’s Travesty and 2 pieces of the green-bordered Eternal, along with Legend pieces for the rest. Sadly, they still have the base stats/affixes/etc on them.

Help me Obi-Wan Kenobi…

I’ll keep your build in mind when I try out different builds ^^
Thanks ^^

This really help me a lot starting out in figuring out the step by step way to craft gear.
It also notes a effective way on salvaging crystals to get the crystal feat. ^^

There is nothing else you need to know. I have given you all the info you need to make it. The rest is just to customize it to your liking. Do not fool yourself into thinking that there is only one way to make a build effective. All builds have a core idea and then multiple variations catered to a player’s liking.

I do recommend you to try it out before 2.1 is released.