New player here… how can I tell how many HP/MP potions I have in my inventory? Also, I don’t see where additional potions can be purchased so what do I do if I run out? Are the little blue/red globes that drop as loot additional potions or are these just HP/MP refills that cannot be stored in inventory?

Thanks in advance.

there were potions for inventory when the game was first created (that is what it looks like from old posts) but it was changed to Orbs you find on the ground for refills (blue is MP, red is HP). they don’t go in inventory. but picking up Orbs, in addition to being refills, can be picked up for a Feat that gives you a 5 minute random boost. anything that increases item drop rate increases how many Orbs are dropped as loot.
ok, just did a search, and in Patch 2.1, potions bought in the shop were changed to potions/orbs dropped as loot on the ground.

Thanks for the response. Next question; is there any limit to the amount of potions that I can use while in the game? Can I refill my health/mana as often as I like using the potion buttons or is there some sort of limit?

the potion buttons can be used unlimited times, but there is a 3 second cool down, so they are good in an emergency, but if you are in a bad battle, and you are still waiting for the cool down…

Thanks again for the response. This game is overwhelming… I have so many more questions…

well, when I first got DQ, I was switching between the different classes all the time (only had 1 Character slot). later, I discovered the DQ Forum, and started reading, and found a lot of cool information that has helped me improve my game. it was reading the Patch Notes for the 2.1 updates that I started getting serious about DQ (that was the Patch that introduced Perks). I wanted all 6, and getting there is what helped me to get better at Crafting my Gears, first for Ascending for Perks, then Farming, and eventually I’ll be Crafting for Climbing floors, and Battle Arena against other players Characters.

This isn’t actually the case. There has always been red orbs for healing and blue orbs for mana.

The thing that changed was that used to, you had to buy the potions, but since most players ended up buying tons of potions (they were cheap!), the developers finally decided to change it where instead of buying the potions, you have the potions all the time, and you do not have to pay for them. Unfortunately, they also added a cooldown (maybe it was already there in which case it was extended; I cannot remember) in which you cannot use the potion again after you used it the first time. Just clarifying here.

ahh, thank @Ircher. I think in the Patch Notes, it went from 1 second to 3 seconds. when the cool down for healing went to 3 seconds, who can wait that long for another heal when the enemy is pushing you around like a feather in a storm? I bet healing affixes got a lot more popular.