Power Up The Weapons!


I don’t know if this is possible, but I recently had the idea of new Legend Weapons that have both +200% WD & +100% ED on them. they can only be found on Floors 2k - 3k and maybe only dropped by Legend+ or Mythic only monsters. lowest dmg weapons on 2k, next around 2300, 2600, and the highest dmg weapons at 3k.

looking through the Codex, I couldn’t find any Weapons with both of these affixes on them, but I thought it would be kind of nice.


@Golem Ragnarok (Defiant) has +200% Weapon DMG and Berserker Set. :eyes:


But not have +100% elemental damage… @Golem want both on 1 item :grin:



@kiane_zaine in my inventory, I have all 4 Defiant Weapons (to verify which weapons had Legend WD% & ED%) , because at one time I wanted to Craft a Build with Defiant on Gauntlet with +200% WD. I :sob: when I realized that wont happen! I ended up going with Staff since it does the second best damage and has Defiant with +200% WD. the only other way to get what I wanted was to get Insolence Skull and some other Gauntlet with the +200% WD. but at the time I was more interested in using Orb for Teleporting out of trouble.

@dickwad, although that Eternal Fabled Staff of the Elements looks awesome with the +10k WD & ED, and I think you are using it in Battle Arena, my focus for this Post is having the Legend +100% ED & +200% WD on the same Weapon.

another thought to make these Weapons more viable and harder to Craft, is putting a nice third very usable, but not OP, Legend affix that would make a person really have to think hard about keeping it or getting rid of it for a Mythic Affix, or a popular Epic Affix that is on the Crystal Affix list that would go well with the Weapon it is on. spending Dust until the Affix is Crystal would be a way to force players to choose between spending lots of Crystals & Myth Stones or lots of Dust for a Build. I have had a few times I had to pause for a bit to decide if I wanted to keep a non Ruby Legend Affix or get rid of it for something else.