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My name is Wesley

I have to ask for help from you, I had to create this other email to post this topic, in my other account I do not think the option to create a new topic.

Well I played Dungeon Quest for 2 weeks …

I already did my first reset and got the fortune perk … I am level 87 trying to get the tresured perk.

I’m on the 237th floor currently, mythical 1

when I focus on XP I play on the 91-110 floor

to pick up 200+ items

but I’m having problems because I take 1 hit and I lose a lot HP, my damage is medium 700k-1M

I set is:

eternal steiger’s fortune

eternal crunoscopy

eletric web

eternal projection

eternal frigid sigil


I have 61 heroic points.

I spent all my gold ksksks had a 15M

I spent several crystal and MT gold trying to make some good weapon, but I could not, that is, I spent something by myself

my crystal farm is all 99 to the shapire option after that I have 2-3 to jasper

and I have some mhytstones from the LV50 I have 1-2 of each until LV80

I’m good noob, but I’m really disheartened to be lost and do not know much what to do, because I do not know how to create mythical items to stay strong … my intention is a farmer’s wizard!
make many crystals and mhytstones to later focus on rising floors and then pvp.

and talk in pvp I am in league mÃtica division 3 with about 1050 points

I wanted to know if in the eternal league I get some kind of clothes or a wing to make my magician look better?

good is this!
thank you for the attention of those who have read and answered!

one last question

Some Brazilian reading?
let me know!
If you have any groups want to enter!



at higher floors, monsters can kill you with one hit no matter how much HP, Resistance, or Armor you have. when you go high enough, even the weakest monsters can kill you with one hit. to stop dying all the time, get your Dodge up to 60%. every one starts with 10%, Dexterity 20 can give you another 10%, so you only need 40% Dodge on your Equipment. a Crystal Dodge can give you +30% in one space, so only one more space for +10% Dodge. if you can get +20 Dexterity on your Equipment for Dexterity 40, then you only need the Crystal Dodge.

Rogues have Skills and Talents that can give them even more Dodge. Warriors have Skills and Talents that can give them more Block. Wizards have one Talent for a little extra Dodge, but it isn’t a really good one.

so for Wizards, getting +60% Dodge is important. you can get Crystal Block on your OH Weapon using Obsidian Crystal or finding a Warrior OH Weapon with Block and use Jasper to make it Wizard. this will give you +60% Dodge and +45% Block for defense (Epic Block is +15%, and you can roll it with Angelite randomly or Topaz, but only on OH Weapon. there are some Warrior items that have Block on them, but you have to use Jasper to get them to other classes). also, there is a Mythic Affix called Sanctuary. when you die, it revives you with 10% HP. it has a 30 second cool down. so if you die, you need to stay alive for 30 seconds or you will really die! it goes on your Necklace.

this defense takes up some space, but it is worth it until you can make weapons that are really good at killing monsters so they don’t have a chance to kill you.

my Wizard has +60% Dodge and +45% Block. for high floors, I also have +50% movement and Teleport to help me get out of danger. my lower floor Wizard is using Mana Shield with +60% Dodge and +45% Block to stay out of trouble, with Shatter if I am in a hurry to get out of trouble.

use Larimar to change affixes on Maps so you don’t have Sky Fall or any other affixes that make it hard for you to survive.

Eternal items are strong, but you can’t change affixes when you need to. so use them until you find Legend versions that you can put the affixes you need on them.