Please help me with this. This is my new device so when i download my DQ save game again. My myth stones and crystals disappeared. Even my main weapon gone.


Let save your game. After that, access to application management to clear data & login again.


Hi @dungdang179.
I already did that way. To my table and two android phones. And its has always the same result.


I already Restored Purchases.


I didnt use mod version. Im using the app came from google play. :neutral_face:



You come here askin to repair some shit u did using cheat engine things on mobile phones…

Dont tell us you didnt use mod app or memory editors, stop cheat with the game and he wont cheat with you. I hope this get blocked forever so you will learn what cheat does…

Greetings !


Talk to Support immediately. He’ll help you big time. He never fails to help me with my account issues. Hehe