Premium stash, Haunting, Epiphany. Need answers pls?

Need someone to clarify things for me. I’m still theory crafting so I can’t test things out.

  1. Regarding Haunting Set, it says additional damage to skills with 5secs or above on fear. So if i have Storm 40 which gives me 40% reduce CD and the offensive table still show that Storm still has 6secs. Will the additional damage still effect on feared mobs?

  2. When you have premium stash. Does your crystal and mythstone loot gets deposite on your premium stash or on your main character inventory?

  3. I searched for answers regarding epiphany bonus, and I’m still confused with other’s replies. Can someone point me when bonus activates on PvE:
    A) 70% aspd, no Epiphany
    B) 70% aspd, 1 Epiphany without bonus
    C) 70% aspd, 1 Epiphany with bonus
    D) 70% aspd, no Epipany set but with Epiphany bonus
    E) 70% aspd, 2 Epiphany with bonus (which I’m sure will work)

  4. Lastly, is Epiphany Bonus worth it? That 70% total dmg makes me drool hehehe…

  1. If probably can still activate or maybe not. I remember using hero point into meteor and then meteor reduced CD so it no longer casted fear for haunting for eg . As long as it’s above 5 seconds you should be ok.Haunfing is very good for that 100% MH increase on gear so storm 600% becomes 1200%. With storm 40 hero points, 3600% MH so you made a good choice. 3600% MH per 0.25 or less seconds. With push the limit 50%, 5400% MH. With push the limit 100%, 7200% MH per 0.25 or less seconds. Not needing discord at all.

Also if for some reason you added plagued bonus , it gives an extra 75% MH so that means after 50% PTL, it’s 5400%×1.75= 9450% MH per 0.25 or less second storm . With 100% push the limit its : 12600% MH per 0.25 seconds or less.

Although plagued bonus does take up 2 set slots so it might as well be a powerful poison build with more than 300% blight if you can or just 300%, 100% weaken to double DMG or 200% to triple if , ascendant debuffer hirling warrior/wizard or rogue using Iceburn, Wrath and if reflect gives Debuff for arcane + ascendant and so much more.

  1. Yes when crystal and mythstone stash unlocked crystals will automatically to to crystal stash and same with mythstones to mythstone stash. Even on full inventory!

  2. Epiphany bonus can activate at 70% attack speed with no Epiphany. Although Epiphany helps if you actually want to be above the 60% attack speed cap but adding 70% attack speed on gear without Epiphany is as simple as

45% Attack speed + 15% attack speed epic affix or haste + 10% haste nature or 15% haste mythstone.

(4). Is it worth it? Definitely if you are making an attack speed APS build as the 45% Attack speed will take up a crystal slot and the extra attack speed so it’s best used in conjunction with an APS build such as Guidedshot bows, flintlocks, barrages or anything that attacks very well due to APS.
I do remember aftermath was slightly affected by APS which was why I added attack speed and epiphany on the Charged Inferno build.

Although any build will be able to benefit from that 70% DMG gain after 70% Attack speed added but to best use the extra Attack Speed, Attack speed builds are best with Epiphany and you can either choose Epiphany , or No Epiphany set.


That answers alot. Thanks!
Epiphany bonus is more viable on rogues. And if I put Epiphany, 2 cyan Crit Dmg 225% is also viable. If I put it on wizard I’ll be missing alot of affix and nature which can easily counter by Weaken 90%. But still need discordance for barbarian 50% and push to limit 50% combo. Or is PTL 100% more stronger than the previous? that way I wont be need discordance.
Btw, will you choose Weaken 90% over Mp regen 1500 with Druid Set?

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And yes I choose 90% weaken over druidic MP Regen . Epiphany and crit DMG is good and always has been.

Barbarian and 50% Push the Limit combo is good in terms of saving affixes but I think 100% Push the Limit is stronger since Push the limit increases MH and OH instead of just DMG. But 50% barbarian, 50% Glasscannon and 50% Push the Limit is good.

Wizard is not weaker than rogue. No class is that weak . Wizard actually is quite strong due to Sorcery 20 talent to double dot DMG which is OP for poison and fire and bleeds.

Wizard , warrior and rogue are all quite strong. It just depends on what weapons you use , talents, hero points, etc.


Thanks, I’m planning on 50% Barbarian, 50% PTL, 100% GC. So PTL 100% is better for classes with high wpn dmg.

Yeah I know, but I just drool on Rogue’s buff skill CoatWep and Stealth slurp