Premium Stash Purchase gone

I just bought the premium stash on my phone and then logged in on my emulator on pc and my stash wasnt bought. Then i checked back on my phone and it was there. Then i downloaded my cloud on my emulator and still no stash. After that i downloaded my cloud on my phone and now my purchase is gone on both devices. I have the bill on my paypal

Go to the main menu
Press the settings/option button
Press the social/iap button
Press restore purchase button
This should restore your purchase!

Let me know if it doesn’t.

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It did work on my phone but it doesnt on my emulator… i cant even use my cloud atm because i used it too many times (need to wait 2 hours).
id love to have it on my emulator as well since i am playing mostly on there

We don’t know anything about emulator support because we never tested our game for emulator use.

Typically if you upload from your phone to the back up server and then download you will have the same purchase and progress across platforms.

ok i will try since i have my current save with the fix on my phone now ! i will update if it worked. Thanks for your help!

Ok sounds good!

After downloading the Save on my Phone and doing your fix i got it unlocked again. After uploading it and downloading it on my emu i finally have it there aswell. Thank you so much for your help

You are welcome, thank you very much for supporting our game!

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