Premium stash...?

How does premium stash work, exactly? Do all crystals/mythstones go directly into their designated stash immediately upon premium stash purchase / once picked up?

Yeah. The other two bags you receive you have to deposit items into. The Crystal and Mythstone stashes are organized according to level.

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i would advice you to buy it

Just like @darellleyesa said, I would advise to buy it if possible.

Easy way of paying is google play redeem cards and you could save up money for the cards or pay with card (credit/debit) either yourself or by parents. It all up to you though. Hirling is just as important of course , if not more. Premium stash is amazing for more storage and crystal/mythstone stash is pretty convenient for sure because damn!

I bought premium stash, working nicely.

Another way is Google Opinion Rewards if it works in your area. It asks questions about the stores you visit and gives you 20-50 cents per question.

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I had no idea that existed lol! Are you from america or uk? Im from uk and im curious because you talk about $. I usually mean £ though.


I’m from the US. I’ve heard it works best in the US (and for women more so than men, lol) but I think it gives you a dollar just for setting it up.

Well I not from the U.S but thats fine by me.