Guys, nobody has a spreadsheet about dmg prevent, reduction ? )




High resist or ar + perma bonus + alchemy + balance the hp and mp + trust me! Im not kidding​:joy::ok_hand:


My god, it 26m vs luis ?


I think luis will die in torrent befor 5m.


you forgot harmony.

  • regen ?


Dont need dmg rejaction becose thy cant hit me backs


I dont have eternal divination at that time and i’d rather use cosmic power than ceveral vortex when i dont have an eternal divination. Btw i have eternal divination now. And @ichan0804 my boy, i dont use harmony. Coz for me harmony is useless in round 10+… That is for me. But if i use harmony. Then i preffer to use fleeting than harmony.:grin: mp regen on cosmic power is enough for me.:slight_smile::ok_hand:


Your AI is so hard.When I was in 1 division, I was only able to kill 1 time your AI (round 1 is not a whole match).


By the way, I threw spreadsheet with detailed information about dmg reduction in PM. Thank you all for reply, good luck.