PRIZED Eternals! POST your perfect to almost perfect rolls on your Eternals!


Sure dude! Have fun collecting!


This perfect ;thanks for that too ^^
Eternal if i just use jasper crystal i maybe get some thing with this affix ;?


If I used Jasper on the Warrior armor I posted, I can change it to Wizard or Rogue when I convert the gear. This will not change any of the affixes, only the talent(s) pool and AR rating(s).


Y i try that ^^ i just think maybe this different with eternal ;MY BAD ^^



Nice equips there bro!


3 out of 5 ain’t bad.


they think im a cheater hahah


Nah I doubt it. Pathfinder isn’t a cheaters preferred set affix and the affixes. They’re ok but not perfect like people think.

I had a good eternal pet like that too but it was a plagued pet. It wasn’t perfect as it doesn’t have HP on it but it did have MP Regen high enough and other affixes that made me like it.