Problem with map floor

Hello guys, I reached 263 floor with maps , I wanted to converte legendary one but it shows mi a floor with random number like 2milion+. When Im trying to kill them they have unlimited HP :frowning: I have never cheat in this game also If it is importand im iOS user


that button that says Purchase Spawn is the button that costs gold to spawn again after you die. the reason it is ghosted out (you can see through it) is because you don’t have enough gold, so the Floor Select is letting you choose a floor to go to. but I think it only lets you go to floors 1-200, or it might let you do the floor you are on again. it has been a long time since I died so much on a 201+ Challenge Map that I ran out of gold.
monsters don’t have unlimited HP, but the higher the floors are, the more HP they have, and some maps give monsters the ability to heal themselves when they hit you (Leach) or Regenerate a % of their HP. I think it is 1% to 5%. at higher floors, you need to do insane amounts of damage to kill them, because they can heal more than you can damage them.
last, if you were trying to convert any map to a higher floor, and it showed a floor higher than you have been to, that is probably a bug, and @tdaniel and his amazing team of Bug Slayers will probably have to go Bug Hunting.


This is probably due to “pack kiting” where you run around the map and collect as many enemies as you can and then try to defeate them all at one time.

This can cause a large amount of lag which can create these “zombie” like enemies that never seem to die.

Don’t collect up large packs of enemies, just defeat them as you come to them in the map, this may solve the issue you are having.

Buy another map at shop then convert tho. I don’t think a legal user can convert map to millions floor…

Lol that’s an hefty re spawn charge