Proc build, fury resource

i need some help on this build. I want to know if i should

  1. Scrap it
  2. Change some of it to make it viable
  3. Continue using it

cant proc at least in 3 out of 5 mana shield casts even with 95%+ twister proc
due to low proc, hard to target ranged hitters from the other side

A picture would be nice rather than video. Just my opinion.

i posted images also, you dont see it?

how do i embed the video tho?

Nope. No images.

let me fix that, please check a bit later.

proc rate activation is based on intern cooldown of skills, since you have only 10% reduced CD, skills such storm, meteor and twister take forever to proc

Yes that’s true. Also yes your right about the Hunger not affecting energy. A recent change I didn’t see for some reason.

they still affect both fury and energy, but not by an useful way: if you have 75% or less resource then hunger effect still applies, but since hunger anti-regen is about mana, they don’t go down automatically like before.

Yeah that’s what I mean about what you’re correct of. Well at least it’s not super easy like last time with hunger affecting Energy so not easy 50% dmg straight off the bat and attack speed and Cooldown. Only when you out the effort into it now, then it works well.